The Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians has decided to commence this oration in recognition of the contributions made to the College by Dr. B.J.C.Perera. The main purpose of this oration is to encourage and acknowledge good quality research in paediatrics.

As it is the Inaugural Oration, it has been decided to invite a world renowned researcher from overseas to present this oration in 2018. From 2019, this oration will be an open competitive one, similar in selection criteria to the other orations of the College.

A Research Prize Oration is designed to provide an opportunity to a researcher to present outstanding work consisting of the performance and results of even a single research project which has value in the epidemiological evaluation, investigation or treatment and management of patients with a given disorder. The work should have significant implications for such appraisal of a single clinical problem. The work should use scientific data formulated into a presentable narrative and not strictly structured like a scientific original article. However, sub-headings could be used whenever appropriate.

More details will be provided after the 2018 Congress.