A major Dengue outbreak has hit the areas of Trincomalee and Kinniya which has led to more than 12 deaths in Kinniya alone and a few more in Trincomalee. Due to the alarmingly high numbers of cases flowing to these hospitals the available medical and nursing staff were unable to cope with it.

On an initiative of the SLCP a team of doctors went to Kinniya and set up a Dengue High Dependency Unit (DHDU) in the hospital and the Ministry of Health supplied the required equipment. The Gynaecology ward of the hospital was converted to a DHDU based on the Negombo CCMDDHF model.

The SLCP extends its sincere gratitude to all doctors who travelled to Kinniya to set up this facility and are continuing to work there, all consultants who released their junior doctors (SHOs and Registrars), the Ministry of Health, the MS and staff of Kinniya hospital for assisting in helping this treatment facility.

We like to call upon our membership to release more doctors from your units to work one week in Kinniya (duty leave and accommodation will be arranged by the Ministry of Health) so that the excellent work done so far to save lives of those people can be sustained.