The Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, known at that time as the Ceylon Journal of Child Health, commenced publication in 1963. It was then an annual publication and up to the present time, has been published uninterrupted, over all these years.

In the year 2000, the two Editors, Dr. Stella G. De Silva and Dr. B. J. C. Perera successfully managed to change the title of the journal to that of Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health and converted it from an annual to a quarterly publication.

In 2008, the journal went into the Worldwide Web and is now published in hard copy format as well as electronically as a free-access full-text journal.

The journal has gained in academic stature over several decades and is now the principal academic journal of child health in the country. One person, late Dr. Stella G. De Silva was in office as a Joint Editor, for a remarkable period of 36 years. This must surely be a world record as, to the best of our knowledge; no other person in the world has had the distinction of guiding the destiny of a medical journal for such a long time.

Currently, the two Joint Editors are Dr. B. J. C. Perera and Dr. G. N. Lucas. A reputed panel of International Advisory Board is also in a position to add academic lustre to the journal.

The Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health is now indexed in SciVerse Scopus and IMSEAR. It is available on Google and Google Scholar through the mother portal Sri Lanka Journals on Line (SLJOL). The journal incorporates many research articles into its issues and is pleased to entertain articles on child health from Sri Lanka as well as those from abroad. A rich and varied mix of academic disclosures is assimilated into each issue of the publication. The journal prides itself on its ability to publish each issue well in time, quarterly.

From ethical and editorial viewpoints the journal is affiliated with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA). The journal is privileged to follow all guidelines and recommendations of these professional organisations.