Today medical education is not confined to self-centered theory and skills. What is more important is how patients get the best deal from the present medical care that is provided for them.

Postgraduate Trainees acquire knowledge and skills during PG Training to obtain their MD by the PGIM.

Paediatric and Emergency Medicine Trainees are often called upon to attend emergencies in limited resource settings. It has been observed that knowledge and skills alone are not adequate in the effective management of these patients. A key area of deficiency is not applying the concepts of non-technical skills, which is not addressed anywhere.

During overseas training, most of the trainees do get promoted or have to work as registrars and not as SHOs. These registrars are often appointed as “Team Leaders” in handling critically ill patients in the Emergency Treatment Units and in Intensive Care Units.

This poses them the following challenges:-

  • Getting adapted to different socio-cultural environment
  • Inability to lead a team when they are appointed as a Team Leader in the Emergency Unit with critically ill patients
  • Poor “Effective Communication”
  • Not employing “Prompt decision making”
  • Not being assertive and poor conflict resolution in patient management

Crisis Resource Management and Simulation address this issue. Simulation based education employs teaching healthcare professionals the care of critically ill patients in a risk-free learning environment in a realistic manner.

Learning objectives are

  • Application of adult learning principles in a simulated environment
  • How to apply “Technical and non-technical knowledge” at the bed side.
  • Team Performance
  • Leadership
  • Allocation of Roles
  • Situational Monitoring
  • Decision making
  • Global Assistance
  • Fixation Errors
  • Mutual Support
  • Task Assistance & Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Assertiveness
  • How to minimize medical errors in your day-to-day practice
  • How to improve from a Debriefing Process

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Course Details

Course content
Interactive Session on human factors, Simulation Principles and Crisis Resource Management principles, based on simulated scenarios where you will be given comprehensive debriefing at the end of each session.

Target group (24 doctors and 8 nurses) 

  • Registrars and Senior Registrars
  • Medical Officers working in Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units
  • Nurses in Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units and ward settings

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Course Fee – Rs 2000.00 from doctors only
Venue – LRH
Course duration – 8am to 4pm

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