Get Invoved with SLCP

We are concerned about the working conditions, stresses, trials and tribulations of those who are involved in child health care. It is important to strike a suitable equilibrium between professional and social commitments and personal life issues. So we try to help you by creating different pathways of involvement and College Web site is one of those interfaces.

One of the main objectives of revamping and launching of the new web site is to promote remote participation in college activities. This will provide everybody with an equal chance of influencing our policies and improving provision of child health care.

Opportunities Available

  • Serving on Council
  • Participating in College Committees
  • Involvement in Developing Guidelines
  • Involvement in Developing Standard Treatment Protocols
  • Lecturing at Clinical Meetings of LRH, SLMA or Peripheral Meetings
  • Present Your Poster or Research at Annual Scientific Congress
  • Taking Part in Our Surveys
  • Use our web facilities in Facebook, Twitter, Blog
  • Contribute to our Policy Consultation Ventures

How to Liaise with Us

Please contact us through the College Web site of SLCP or directly e-mail