Induction of the President

The Induction Ceremony of the President, Professor Vasantha Devasiri as the 22nd President of the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians took place on the 26th of January 2020 at the Grand Ballroom, The Kingsbury, Colombo. This occasion was graced by Professor M.D. Lamawansa as the Chief Guest.

The outgoing President, Dr R. Ajanthan, briefly highlighted the achievements of the previous Council and introduced and inducted the current President.

In his Presidential Address, Professor Vasantha Devasiri stated that he would continue to strengthen the activities of the current theme “Together we will build a safer environment for our children” and expand it further by including Child Safeguarding into it.

He also highlighted his plans for the National Campaign on Child Safety, Regional Scientific Sessions and the Annual Scientific Congress.

Professor Devasiri appreciated the outgoing Council’s achievements during their tenure and appreciated the outgoing Council for their contribution.