Product Description

Plant poisoning in children occur as a result of eating fruits, flowers, stems or leaves of unknown plants. The children are mainly attracted by their colour or smell. In a study on acute childhood poisoning in Sri Lanka, ingestion of poisonous plants accounted for 10% of the total. Whilst in children, ingestion of poisonous plants occurs accidentally, in adults ingestion is more often a form of attempted suicide.

This book presents 23 poisonous plants with 75 illustrations, arranged in alphabetical order according to their scientific names. Besides color illustrations of parts of the plants,a brief description of each plan is given. Clinical features of poisoning, toxic elements and treatment are also included.

  • Author : Dr.G.N.Lucas and Dr.T.U.N. De Silva
  • Publisher : Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians
  • ISBN Code: ISBN 955-1600-00-2