SLCP has more than 500 Fellows and Members in Sri Lanka and abroad. On a matter of principle, we encourage our members to express their views on important issues and activities to strike a balance between them and the council. Many opportunities are also provided for them to participate in various committees to facilitate such a dialogue.

Elected Representation

Our elected representation are,

  • President and President-elect
  • Members of the Council
  • Different Committees
  • Representation of SLCP Abroad

Affiliated Organizations

  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) Group in Sri Lanka
  • Neonatal Forum in Sri Lanka
  • Epilepsy Forum in Sri Lanka
  • Childhood Respiratory Disease Study Circle in Sri Lanka


Our membership includes fellows and members with particular expertise in sub specialities. They contribute immensely to develop guidelines and standard treatment protocols as well as policy documents.

  • Accident Emergency
  • Child Protection
  • Creation of Data Bases
  • Nutrition Steering
  • Cadre Development
  • Child Injury Prevention
  • Paediatric Guidelines
  • Paediatric Standard Treatment Protocols
  • Technical Advisory Committee for Newborn Care

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