Rainbow Scholarships

Rainbow project was initially begun in the aftermath of Tsunami in December 2004 to support the children who lost one of their parents. Many international and local donors supported this programme and approximately 56 children benefitted. These children were given a scholarship Rs. 2500/- as monthly allowance which was sent to their savings accounts and another Rs 500/- was accumulated at another savings book kept at the College in their name. Children were supported until 18 years of age and the savings accumulated in the savings account kept at the College was handed over for their higher education as a lump sum at the age of 18 yrs. 

All children supported by Rainbow project initially selected completed 18 years and a balance fund of approximately 7 million was then utilized for selected 29 children from low socioeconomic background.

Applications were called from all provinces through the local Paediatricians and through recommendation of the principals of schools and a panel appointed by the council carefully evaluated all applications and selected the neediest 29 children.

Since 2019 these children received a similar scholarship with Rs. 2500/- month and another Rs. 500/- accumulated in a savings book in their name and will continue for further 3 years. 

Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians envisage to continue this project with more donations in future.