Rainbow Scholarships

SLCP is happy to announce that the Rainbow Scholarship Program which benefitted nearly 100 children in the past, is about to be commenced again. This program, initially started in the aftermath of the Tsunami to support children who lost a parent by the natural disaster, provided a sum of Rs. 3000 a month until they turned 18 years.

This was re-launched in 2019, with 29 children selected from all regions of the country being awarded the scholarship which will continue till 2024.

With the help of a group of Sri Lankan expatriate doctors living in Australia, SLCP is hoping to create a fresh scholarship fund and award Rainbow Scholarships to 30 deserving children selected from all provinces of Sri Lanka. The selection of candidates for scholarships will happen with the help of Paediatricians working all over the country, with the recommendation of the school principals. A panel appointed by the SLCP will carefully evaluate the applications and select the most deserving students for the scholarships.

The scholarship, worth Rs.3000 per month, will continue for 5 years. SLCP will keep a close eye on the progress of the selected students by reviewing their performance at school every 6 months.