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What is Research Aid?

Research Aid is an online platform for the paediatric research community, from undergraduates, grade medical officers, postgraduates to consultants who seek support for their research and publications.

What Services Do We Provide?

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Resource Library

Advantages of Doing Research

Prof. Shaman Rajindrajith

Why Do Research – How to Start and How to End

Prof. Janaka De Silva

Scientific Literature Review Structured Approach

Prof. Priyanga Ranasinghe

How to Design a Questionnaire

Prof. Guwani Liyanage

How to Do a Epidemiological Research

Prof. Shaman Rajindrajith

Translational Research and Medicine

Prof. Harendra de Silva

How to Do a Clinical Trial

Prof. Asiri Abeyagunawardena

How to Write a case Report

Dr. Kavinda Dayasiri

Basic Statistics for a Paediatricians

Dr. Dileepa Ediriweera

How to Write a Research Paper

Prof. Sachith Mettananda

Getting Your Paper Published: What Do Journal Editors Want

Dr. B.J.C. Perera