Antibiotic Stewardship Committee

The Antibiotic Stewardship Committee is dedicated to optimizing the use of antibiotics in pediatric patients to combat antibiotic resistance. This initiative encompasses the introduction of a new antibiotic chart, conducting antibiotic consumption studies, and formulating management algorithms for common pediatric conditions.

Key Initiatives

Introduction of a New Antibiotic Chart for Pediatric Patients

The committee introduced a novel antibiotic chart specifically for pediatric patients, initially implemented in Ward 9 at Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH), Base Hospital Wathupitiwala, and Base Hospital Thabuththegama. The primary goal of this chart is to curtail the unnecessary and irrational use of antibiotics, thereby mitigating the risk of antibiotic resistance. An audit conducted in Ward 9 at LRH revealed a notable reduction in the use of Reserve category antibiotics, coupled with an increase in the use of Access category antibiotics. Following this success, the chart was introduced in Ward 1 at LRH, with plans for a broader implementation across other medical wards at LRH and pediatric wards nationwide.


Antibiotic Consumption Study

A comprehensive antibiotic consumption study is underway in Ward 9 at LRH, Base Hospital Wathupitiwala, and Base Hospital Thabuththegama. This study aims to identify antibiotic usage patterns in these hospitals, focusing on the use of Access, Watch, and Reserve category antibiotics. The findings will inform recommendations for rational antibiotic prescribing practices.


Formulation of Management Algorithms for Common Pediatric Conditions

The committee has developed management algorithms for common pediatric conditions, which include antibiotic recommendations prepared in collaboration with the College of Microbiologists. These algorithms are accessible through the SLCP website and will eventually be available as a mobile application. This initiative ensures that healthcare providers have easy access to standardized, evidence-based guidelines, promoting the appropriate use of antibiotics.



The Antibiotic Stewardship Committee’s efforts are pivotal in promoting rational antibiotic use in pediatric care, thereby reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance. Through the introduction of a new antibiotic chart, comprehensive consumption studies, and the development of management algorithms, the committee aims to set a benchmark for pediatric antibiotic stewardship practices nationwide.