Committee for Rational Prescribing of Drugs

The Committee for Rational Prescribing of Drugs is dedicated to promoting the judicious use of medications within the healthcare system. By evaluating both the unit costs and bulk costs of drugs, and providing clear indications for their use, the committee aims to guide healthcare professionals towards more rational prescription practices. This initiative is crucial for enhancing the efficiency of healthcare expenditure and ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Key Initiatives

Cost Assessment of Drugs

The committee is conducting a thorough assessment of drug costs, focusing on both unit costs and bulk costs. This comprehensive evaluation will provide a clear understanding of the financial implications associated with different medications. By analyzing these costs, the committee can identify potential savings and areas where cost-efficiency can be improved without compromising the quality of care.


Provision of Drug Indications

In addition to cost assessments, the committee is compiling detailed indications for each drug. This information will serve as a valuable resource for healthcare providers, ensuring that medications are prescribed based on evidence-based guidelines and appropriate clinical indications. This approach aims to reduce the incidence of unnecessary or inappropriate prescriptions, thereby enhancing patient safety and treatment efficacy.


Guidance for Rational Prescription Practices

The ultimate goal of the committee is to provide comprehensive guidance to healthcare professionals on rational prescribing practices. By disseminating information on drug costs and indications, the committee aims to foster a more informed and judicious approach to medication prescription. This guidance will be instrumental in optimizing therapeutic outcomes and minimizing wasteful healthcare expenditure.



The Committee for Rational Prescribing of Drugs is committed to advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of medication use within the healthcare system. Through meticulous cost assessments and the provision of clear drug indications, the committee aims to support healthcare professionals in making informed prescribing decisions. This initiative is essential for improving healthcare expenditure efficiency and ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate and cost-effective treatments.