Paediatric Cadre Development Committee

The Paediatric Cadre Development Committee was established to address and resolve issues related to the pediatric workforce in Sri Lanka. The committee focuses on ensuring an adequate and well-distributed pediatric cadre to meet the country’s healthcare needs, both in general pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties.

Key Initiatives

Cadre Predictions for General Pediatrics and Pediatric Subspecialties

One of the committee’s primary achievements has been the successful projection of pediatric cadre requirements up to the year 2030. These predictions have been submitted to the Ministry of Health and serve as a strategic framework to ensure that the healthcare system is well-prepared to meet future demands. The projections cover both general pediatrics and various subspecialties, providing a comprehensive outlook on the necessary workforce development.


Cadre Priority Order Submission

The committee has developed and submitted a cadre priority order to the Ministry of Health. This priority order is particularly crucial in scenarios where the number of applicants for pediatric positions is less than the available vacancies. By establishing a clear priority order, the committee ensures that the most critical positions are filled first, thereby maintaining the quality and continuity of pediatric care across the country.


Guidance on Paediatric Replacement List – 2023

In situations where there were fewer applicants than available positions, the committee provided strategic suggestions through the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians (SLCP) to address this gap. These recommendations have been instrumental in optimizing the allocation of available pediatric professionals, ensuring that essential services remain adequately staffed.



The Paediatric Cadre Development Committee plays a vital role in shaping the future of pediatric healthcare in Sri Lanka. By providing detailed cadre predictions, establishing a priority order for filling positions, and offering guidance during periods of applicant shortages, the committee ensures that the pediatric workforce is effectively managed and that high-quality pediatric care is consistently delivered. These efforts are fundamental to meeting the evolving healthcare needs of the pediatric population in Sri Lanka.